Elite Crete - Luxury Tourism in Chania, Crete - Kissamos

Kastelli is a small town in the Kissamos Prefecture in the west part of Crete, 40 km west of Chania Town. Well organized with all the facilities you require from a town like supermarkets, cafes, banks, etc. There are plenty of traditional restaurants where you can sample the local Cretan cuisine.


With its unique location, Kastelli is the ideal destination for exploring the western part of Crete with its warm hospitality, beautiful sandy beaches and unique natural beauty. Kissamos is famous for its gorgeous sandy beaches. Shortly away are three of the most incredible beaches in Crete like Balos Lagoon, Elafonisi Island and Falassarna.

Elite Crete - Luxury Tourism in Chania, Crete - Kissamos
Elite Crete - Luxury Tourism in Chania, Crete - Balos

Balos Lagoon

The jewel of Kissamos with its turquoise waters, the wild natural beauty and the beautiful exotic scenery. The sea is very shallow and warm, ideal for young children. In many places the sand has a lovely pinkish color, because of millions of crushed shells. The panoramic view from Balos and Gramvousa Islands is breathtaking.

Falassarna beach

A marvelous long sandy beach that has been voted many times as one of the 10 best beaches in Europe. Famous for its beautiful beaches with light turquoise blue waters and unique natural beauty that will certainly impress even the most dependent travelers.

Elite Crete - Luxury Tourism in Chania, Crete - Falassarna
Elite Crete - Luxury Tourism in Chania, Crete - Elafonisi

Elafonissi Island

Elafonisi is an oblong peninsula that often breaks into two sections of water, giving the impression of being a separate island. Exotic beaches of white sand and turquoise water, reminiscent of the Caribbean, form across the peninsula. The sand is pink in many places, picking up its colour from millions of crushed shells.